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NBCC Energy Building
Saint John, NB

Expected Completion: 2012

The New Brunswick Community College Energy Building is intended to act as a showpiece for the campus to highlight their emphasis on education, construction and technology. To this effect the buildings orientation is used to create an arrival sequence, where its angle, juxtaposed to the street, immediately draws a visitor’s focus to the two storey power lab. While planning the building the desire was to provide an educational atmosphere for learning power engineering technology and various energy sector skills hands on. This concept is carried throughout the building where the various internal mechanical and electrical systems are exposed and the building materials are celebrated. The goal of this approach is to have the building supplement students’ education about building systems.

Clients: NBCC and The Province of New Brunswick

Design Team: Greg Murdock and Micheal Colpitts

Size: 85,000 SF

Estimated Cost: $28,000,000