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Hampton Elementary School
Hampton, NB
Fall 2007

Received Lieutenant Governor's Award 2008
Excellence in Architecture

The design for Hampton Elementary School was initiated by the desire to create a positive and playful learning environment while also establishing a unique school identity. The proposed scheme was inspired by the surrounding natural shades of green and blue. The aim was to promote a connection to nature. The intention to make the building interactive was achieved between the physical relief and depth between the boards and battens, giving the perception that the building changes colour depending on the viewing angle. When seen straight the building appears mainly green, but when viewed at a sharp angle it appears almost solid blue, with a gradient of combinations in between.  

Clients: Province of New Brunswick

Design Team: Greg Murdock, Stephen Kopp, Monica Adair, Kirk Russell

Construction Cost: $210,000

Contractor: Bruce E. Lawson Contractor Ltd