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Centre E & P. Sénéchal Center
Grand Falls, NB

Received Lieutenant Governor's Award 2011
Excellence in Architecture

The E. & P. Sénéchal Centre is a state-of-the-art recreation and conference complex. The architecture draws attention to the act of movement and activity in the building. Visitors entering the building are immediately aware of elements of circulation. One is visually conscious of the coexistent activity on the ice, movement on the walking track, which circles the ice surface at the upper level, and the functions taking place in the fitness centre. Both internal and external to the building, the horizontal and vertical movement elements are highlighted with the use of colour, pattern, texture and materials. The complimentary spaces of the building wrap themselves around, and open onto, the “heart” of the complex, that being the ice surface. The fitness centre and conference rooms were designed to open up to adjacent spaces, allowing the facility to interact as one space but also permitting the facility to have multiple separate activities occurring simultaneously.

Client: Town of Grand Falls

Design Team: Malcolm Boyd, Monica Adair, Kirk Russell

Size: 69,000 SF

Capacity: 1,100 seats

Construction Cost: $12,000,000

Contractor: Marco Maritimes Ltd